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Old 13th November 2006   #1
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Default Barbara Brickner: comp & gallery

Speaking of comp cards (as we recently have been), we are now pleased to be able to show Mrs. Brickner's fans the "business end" of her Heffner agency composite.

The images on the card will be familiar to regular visitors to this site--the lingerie photograph in particular, which won praise on the forum when it first appeared, thanks to its artistic similarity to Alexandre Cabanel's celebrated painting, The Birth of Venus.

What makes this card especially interesting, though, is that it lists Barbara Brickner's dress size as a goddesslike 14/16, at 5'9.

From her Mode editorials to her latest shoots, Mrs. Brickner's images have consistently won the most enthusiastic praise from the public. This is partly a consequence of her positing ability and gorgeous visage, to be sure; but most especially, it is due to the fact that she has retained her voluptuous, Classical proportions throughout her exciting career, rather than diminishing her beauty. And for those who have puzzled as to why Barbara has always appeared more intoxicatingly curvaceous than other models who are listed at a size 14, this card provides the answer. It is undoubtedly the extra touch of womanliness, the more opulent impression of shape, the additional element of soft fullness that a size 14/16 provides over a 14, that makes Mrs. Brickner the most stunning model in the industry. (That, and the fact that a model at 5'9 will always look curvier than a model at a taller size.)

We are also pleased to debut a new Barbara Brickner gallery (linked below), comprising some of her finest work of fall 2006. In these images, Barbara fairly personifies the autumn season, in all of its bountifulness and ripe fullness. Timeless beauty represents the best that nature has to offer, and the greatest plus-size models incarnate natural beauty in its highest form.

- NEW Barbara Brickner gallery

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Old 14th November 2006   #2
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Default Re: Barbara Brickner: comp & gallery

I find it fascinating to see this comp card, as well as Christinas, because the comp is the first thing that a client sees when selecting a model (although it is hard to believe that any company in the world could be unaware of who Barbara Brickner is - the name alone should be enough). The card is gorgeous. How could any client not book Barbara, based on her amazing images?

I have to say, it also delights me to see that she is a 14/16, and not just a 14. It explains why she has remained so consistently gorgeous and popular (since weight loss is always ruinous to feminine beauty). If only more models would follow her example, and remain curvy throughout their careers...
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