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Default Crystal Renn on 20/20 (video)

In case anyone missed it, Crystal Renn appeared on the ABC news program 20/20 yesterday (Friday) evening, in a thoughtful piece about eating disorders which probably constituted Miss Renn's best TV showing since her FashionTelevision profile, late last year.

Crystal was well styled for much of the segment, with attractively opulent earrings, and wearing a dark red lipstick that complimented her sable hair quite effectively. She did not mince words in describing how the anorexia from which she suffered while pursuing her straight-size modelling career ruined her looks--and very nearly cost her her life.

The segment punctuated Miss Renn's comments by noting the recent tragic death from anorexia of model Ana Carolina Reston, and revealing the seldom-reported fact that "anorexia is the deadliest form of mental illness."

Regrettably, the piece failed to directly assert the fashion industry's culpability in fostering eating disorders. However, to its credit, it did point out the absurdity of the underweight standard, showing a host of truly unattractive images of today's skeletal celebrities.

The segment also profiled actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler, the Sopranos starlet who fought a well-publicized battle with anorexia in the first seasons of the popular HBO series. 20/20 documented Sigler's work at a treatment centre for recovering anorexics, and noted several practices that this centre encourages its patients to adopt, in order develop a guilt-free attitude towards eating--such covering up the calorie charts on all of their food products with size-positive statements like "I love my body."

Frankly, this is a practice that every woman should adopt--not just recovering anorexics, but any voluptuous vixen who has ever punished herself by "counting calories," instead of enjoying food freely, and being comfortable with her appetite.

Of course, the story also celebrated Crystal's return to health, and enthused about her current success modelling at a larger size. 20/20 deserves particular credit for stressing the fact that Crystal is now a "plus-size model" (a term that the reporter used more than once, laying great emphasis on the phrase, and even giving it a wonderful touch of defiance).

The story also adopted a new wrinkle on the familiar recovering-anorexic story, a touch so affirmative that it is a surprise no one ever thought of it before. Like the recent scene in Ugly Betty, showing gorgeously curvy actress Natalie Whitman eagerly partaking of Betty's empanadas, 20/20 actually filmed Crystal and Jamie-Lynn enjoying lunch together at a New York eatery. Miss Renn made sure that her full plate of delicacies was in the frame,

and the camera even caught Crystal gazing with obvious relish at a small mountain of cookies in the dessert tray.

Since this segment dealt with the topic of eating disorders--and could conceivably be screened to victims of the disease, as part of their therapy--the 20/20 producers were wise to film these young models and actresses not only asserting that they have overcome their life-threatening compulsion to starve themselves, but also indicating the extent of their recovery, by unselfconsciously enjoying a generous meal together.

Kudos to 20/20 for approaching this topic in a generally sensitive, thoughtful, and positive way.

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M. Lopez
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Default Re: Crystal Renn on 20/20

I saw the story, and thought it was quite good, and mostly free of mixed messages (except for a comment by the reporter that Crystal's pictures as a straight-size model did not indicate how much she was suffereing from starvation at the time, whereas I think her straight-size pictures reveal her then-unhealthy state in clinical and frightening detail - she looked skeletal).

Jamie-Lynn Sigler spoke with real emotion about the abuse that she suffered while she was marginally curvy on The Sopranos. It was enlightening to hear that Sigler's struggle began when she read negative comments about her naturally curvy figure on a Sopranos message board. I don't think people realize how much damage such forums can do, when visitors are allowed to post anonymous anti-plus attacks. That kind of "free" speech is simpy destructive, and has real-world consequence on vulnerable young talent. That's why I believe in carefully-monitored forums (like this one), which maintain a size-positive editorial policy, and prevent irresponsibly negative commentary.

I just noticed something - Crystal looks quite attractive in profile, perhaps even more so than in her head-on shots. Photographers should consider shooting her from the side more often. Her facial features look lovely from the side angle, softer and rounder than in many front photographs.
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Old 26th November 2006   #3
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Default Re: Crystal Renn on 20/20 (video)

For those who are interested, here is a video of Miss Renn's 20/20 appearance. It would have been nice to have included the entire segment, including the comments about Jamie-Lynn Sigler and her work at an eating-disorder treatment centre, but this three-and-a-half minute video is already 40 Mb, so we decided to restrict the clip to Crystal's content.

Apart from a failure on the part of the reporter to acknowledge just how emaciated and unattractive Miss Renn looked in her straight-size photos, the piece is as positive as one might hope from the mass media. Hopefully, it will help at least some people realize that the true crisis in modern society is food deprivation for young women, not the opposite.

- Click here to watch Crystal on 20/20

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