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Default Charlotte Coyle in Good Housekeeping

Last month's (October 2006) issue of Good Housekeeping in Britain featured an appearance by the incomparable Charlotte Coyle, and it is a thrill for us to be able to share a scan of Miss Coyle's tear sheet with her innumerable fans.

The image could not be more perfect, showing Miss Coyle lounging sensually on a plush sofa. Her blonde tresses--pulled back, on this rare occasion--form killing twists that enchantingly frame her lovely visage. Her ice-on-fire eyes melt every viewer's heart. The wardrobe styling is intoxicating, with Miss Coyle garbed in a regal, décolletage-baring dress, and sporting chandelier earrings that exhibit a Celtic motif (fittingly so, for this Irish goddess).

Anyone who would come into the presence of such a vision would immediately drop to his knees, and express his undying devotion to this languishing beauty, his eagerness to satisfy her every whim.

Perhaps most exciting of all, the page identifies Miss Coyle as a size 20 (in British sizing), demonstrating that this goddess has not succumbed to industry pressures to diminish her allure, but has retained her sumptuous curves.

The fashion-oriented caption that accompanies this image (which is readable in the larger scans, provided below) is wholly positive--not a mixed message in sight--and compliments the image very well. The text states:


- If you're miserable you'll look dowdy. An enigmatic, sultry glance or broad smile will give your whole image a boost.

- Wear clothes that emphasise your curves. Bias-cut dresses, fitted waistlines and pencil-like skirts show off a Jessica Rabbit-like figure — much better than hiding it under shapeless layers.

- Heels add a sexy Marilyn Monroe wiggle when you walk. Even lower kitten-heels have more of an allure-factor than flats.

The magazine's suggestions to accentuate curves, and to avoid dreadful "layering," constitute advice that every goddess should taking to heart. After all, the shapely contours of a size-20 figure are precisely what make a voluptuous vixen irresistible, and they should be emphasized accordingly.

It is wonderful to see Charlotte earn the Good Housekeeping seal of approval for full-figured femininity. Let's hope that other British publications follow this magazine's example, and line up to celebrate Miss Coyle's timeless beauty.

- Click here for medium-size version

- Click here for larger version

- NEW Charlotte Coyle gallery

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Default Re: Charlotte Coyle in Good Housekeeping

She is extremely beautiful in this photo. And it is really daring too, without being vulgar. You can see every single curve of her body, which is free, and not in a tight corset.

I love her skin, and the curls falling down and framing the face. She is such a beautiful spokesperson and role model.
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Default Re: Charlotte Coyle in Good Housekeeping

For Charlotte to say "I think [being curvaceous] suits me" is the understatement of the year. It's like Beethoven saying, "I think composing music suits me." Not only does it "suit" her - it makes her the most gorgeous model on the planet.

"Curvy and proud of it" - what a perfect caption. If there has ever been a goddess who could prove to everyone that being curvy is something to be proud of, it's Charlotte. And this image demonstrates that fact better than any other.

The figure, the dress, the pose, and particularly, the expression - that oh-so-steamy expression - Charlotte really puts it all together in this image. It's one for the ages. I'm certain that every single size-20 vixen who sees this page when leafing through Good Housekeeping will have her self-image totally transformed by the sight of Charlotte showing just how gorgeous full-figured women can be.

Stunning, stunning page.
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Default Re: Charlotte Coyle in Good Housekeeping

I agree that Charlotte looks stunning and shapely in this image, and that her expression is utterly sizzling. Its one thing for a model simply to look gorgeous, but another thing for her to put that allure on camera, the way Charlotte does here.

I remember the posing lessons that Charlote gave her protegees in Beauty Reborn, and how much trouble they had looking sexy - which Charlotte did so effortlessly. This image proves yet again just how incredibly talented a model she is. This is the kind of look that only Victoria's Secret or Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models are usually capable of presenting, but Charlotte surpasses them all in projecting it.
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