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Old 18th December 2006   #1
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Default Hayley Hasselhoff

A few months ago, at the premier of the Adam Sandler film Click (which also starred David Hasselhoff), fans were astonished to see Mr. Hasselhoff accompanied on the red carpet by an extraordinarily pretty young woman.

She was a timeless beauty of the first order, with soft, round facial features, butter-blonde hair, azure eyes, and a fair complexion. She also effortlessly generated pouty, supermodel-like expressions for the paparazzi.

Not only that, but--in a unheard-of example of true beauty existing in Hollywood--she exhibited a naturally curvaceous figure.

What's more, her wardrobe was a shining example of the New Femininity. She was styled in such a way as to make the most of her soft beauty, with a vanilla shrug (ideally complimenting her fair tresses) covering a chocolate-brown dress exhibiting lovely decolletage, accessorized with a pretty necklace.

The dress adorned her figure perfectly. The overall effect was to show the world a youthful example of just the sort of timeless femininity that Hollywood usually prevents the public from seeing.

Now, if you were to say that "This young girl is so pretty, and such a perfect example of the Torrid generation, that she should be a plus-size model," you would be absolutely right.

And since the Torrid crew are eager proponents of size celebration, they have worked their special magic, and have enlisted the services of this young lady--who turned out to be Hayley Hasselhoff, the actor's 17-year-old younger daughter--to showcase their curve-friendly fashions.

You can see examples of Hayley's Torrid work at the following URLs:

- Pink hoodie
- Red floral lace-bottom top
- Green unicorn hoodie
- Blue lace-bottom top
- Black cardigan
- Black white-dot headband
- Black-and-red headband

She does a very nice job in these images, and is obviously a natural in front of the cameras. Hayley is talented and photogenic, and it is wonderful to see Torrid find another young Hollywood celebrity who is attractive and fuller-figured, and present her beauty to the world.

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Default Re: Hayley Hasselhoff

Fond memories of Knight Rider aside, I have a newfound respect for David Hasselhoff for his parenting skills. Hollywood is a harsh place to raise a child but it looks as if he has made an effort to protect Hayley from the weight hysteria that is rampant in the entertainment industry, and has encouraged her to be her natural self.

Kudos to Hayley for her great work for Torrid.
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Old 19th December 2006   #3
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Default Prettier than any Baywatch girl

Thinking of her father's TV shows, I also have to say that Hayley is much prettier, much more attractive in a natural (yet glamorous) way, than any of the synthetic creations who appeared on the Baywatch programs. It's amazing to see such an enchanting example of Old World beauty in a Hollywood context. I hope Hayley has the confidence never to succumb to any of the terrible, beauty-destorying things that so many girls do to themselves in L.A., but retains her curvaceous feminine look.

The Torrid pictures are very nice (pink is a terrific colour on Hayley, and that black white-dot headband exhibits '50s glamour), but I just adore that kittenish pout she had in those red-carpet photos. It's quite sophisticated. And I agree that her wardrobe styling for the Click premiere was gorgeous.
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Old 20th December 2006   #4
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Default Re: Hayley Hasselhoff

Originally Posted by kirsten
I have a newfound respect for David Hasselhoff for his parenting skills. Hollywood is a harsh place to raise a child but it looks as if he has made an effort to protect Hayley from the weight hysteria that is rampant in the entertainment industry, and has encouraged her to be her natural self.

This is even truer than one might think. Torrid's own Michael Anthony kindly sent us the following photo showing the photographer with the Knight Rider himself. Apparently, Mr. Hasselhoff accompanied Hayley to this shoot, and even spent some time at Torrid HQ. His support for his daughter as a plus-size model is extremely encouraging.

Michael Anthony tells us that Hayley "is actually around Christina's height. Gorgeous girl and very very nice in person."

How nice to see the industry accepting more girls whose height is closer to the norm than that of most straight-size models. The compliment about Hayley's personality suggests that she has avoided the pernicious influence of Hollywood both in terms of character, as well as in terms of beauty.

It would be wonderful to see Hayley achieve a great career as a plus-size model. She obviously has both the looks, and the talent--and the name doesn't hurt either!

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Old 23rd December 2006   #5
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Default Re: Hayley Hasselhoff

The more of her images we see, the more certain we are that Miss Hasselhoff would richly deserve to succeed as a plus-size model, even if she didn't have the advantage of a celebrity name. The quality of her work in front of the camera speaks for itself.

Not only are her Torrid images wonderful, but whenever she appears on the red carpet, her photogenic qualities and posing abilities are vividly apparent.

Here, for example, in a series of pictures from earlier this month, we see her accompanying her father to a VH1 event. One again, she adopts that oh-so-effective supermodel pout:

If her wardrobe styling at the Click premiere stole the show, then here it is her princess-like hairstyle which catches the eye. This is a texbook example of an ideal hair arrangement for a Classical beauty. The wisps of hair falling over one eye constitute a seductive contemporary touch, while the long, loosely-bound curls cascading down the shoulders exemplify feminine allure from a bygone century. Those heavy, wavy tresses represent exactly the sort of hairstyle that a celebrated coquette in another time would have worn, to increase her allure tenfold.

And Miss Hasselhoff clearly knows just how to make the most of her look. In this image--the best in this series--we see her casually playing with her tresses, with a captivatingly self-assured, slightly bored look in her eyes. She creates the persona of a great heiress here, a princess of the realm (very much in keeping with her regally feminine hairstyle).

But perhaps what makes Hayley most unique is her sweet, Old World charm, which is all but absent in the modern media (and virtually unheard of, in the harsh environment of Hollywood). The following pair of images show the model exchanging a touching moment of intimacy with her father, testifying to an admirably close relationship between the two:

In both looks and character, then, Miss Hasselhoff is a refreshing antidote to crass celebrity culture, as someone who possesses far more beauty than any of the dime-a-dozen, headline-grabbing tanorexics, yet who is just as adept as they are at creating dramatic looks and expressions for the paparazzi, but who also possesses a rare wholesome quality as well--not to mention a Classically curvaceous figure.

And in the coarse, modern world in which we live, someone who possesses those qualities--genuinely feminine curves, timeless beauty, and camera-ready modelling prowess--is the rarest and most unique talent of all. If Hayley does become a plus-size model, and rejects media pressure to diminish herself, she could be a great boon to size celebration, and to the culture as a whole.

- One more Torrid image

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