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Default My deepest gratitude

I have been reading this forum since last summer and I am now ready to say that this website has completely changed my life. I found this project by way of Crystal Renn. After seeing a beautiful layout of her in a straight-size fashion magazine, I started searching for more pictures of her and found this site.

I have looked at every photograph and read every article and every single post on the entire website. Being a plus-size woman who has always felt somehow wrong about her figure, I thought I was in the twilight zone when I discovered that all of the features that I possess were regarded as beautiful by anyone - much less to find out that all of mankind, in every century prior to the twentieth, would have considered me more attractive than any waif.

I used to wear ugly clothes and constantly try to deny myself food while berating myself for not complying with the standards of modern fashion. I was constantly unhappy. But since I found this site I have gradually begun to feel better about myself and have also discovered that I agree with the premise put forth here. Plus-size goddesses are truly more beautiful! (How can you look at pictures of Kelsey, Barbara, Kailee and others everyday for months and not realize that!) I bought myself a whole new wardrobe and am no longer afraid of having my picture taken! I have told almost every one of my friends about this website, and I am a new woman.

So thank you from the bottom of my soul for putting this message out there. My life has changed for the better this past year and it is very much due to this site.
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Default Re: My deepest gratitude

We wish to thank Kristin for her kind words. It is rewarding to know that this project has been helpful, but in truth, all of the gratitude is exclusively due to the models and photographic teams who produce the images that we celebrate at this site--and especially, to the companies whose resources make the creation of those pictures possible.

This site is, after all, primarily a frame for the images of beauty that the plus-size fashion industry produces, a place to gather such images into a kind of "alternative media," to challenge the aesthetic values of the dominant modern media (in both of its polarities: emaciated fantasy on the one hand, and homely "reality" on the other--one being just as hostile to timeless beauty as the other).

One only wishes that the full-figure fashion industry realized just how deeply its images affect the lives of curvaceous women everywhere, and how profoundly its visual promotions influence society in general. Then, perhaps it would devote even greater resources to the creation of those promotions, producing more stunning campaigns featuring models even curvier and more beautiful than those who represent the industry today.

If more campaigns, with even greater cultural penetration, featured models like Charlotte Coyle and Christina Schmidt, then increasing numbers of women would experience the same "relief effect" in body image (to use one of Dr. Dittmar’s terms) that Kristin describes.

At a time when the mass media is increasingly vocal in its hostility to plus-size beauty, such a "relief effect" is very much needed.

It is worth considering that while the full-figure fashion industry alone has the capital to produce images of plus-size beauty, it only has this capital in the first place because curvaceous women buy their clothing. In a sense, then, every time a voluptuous vixen spends money on her wardrobe, she is potentially funding her own deprogramming, by supporting the companies whose images provide alternatives to mass-media androgyny.

It is simply up to plus-size retailers to invest their customers' finances wisely, by subsidizing the creation of the most attractive and subversive plus-size imagery possible, featuring models who are gorgeous, and visibly full-figured.

Christina Schmidt--2006 test photograph by David Leyes:

- Click to view larger

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