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Default Kate Dillon: Irish Beauty

We have noted before, on this forum, that Ireland is to plus-size modelling what Eastern Europe is to straight-size modelling: the source of many of the industry's most gorgeous and popular stars.

Shannon Marie (the most beautiful of all plus-size models) is of Irish descent, as are Charlotte Coyle, Kailee O'Sullivan, and of course, singer Chloe Agnew, who as perfectly embodies the timeless ideal as does any full-figured model. Even Liis once commented, in an interview, that she has a drop of Irish blood.

We can now add another luminary to that remarkable list of feminine pulchritude: Kate Dillon.

Below is a scan of a tear sheet featuring Ms. Dillon from 2001, but the source is not merely another fashion magazine, but something rather more interesting: a bimonthly publication titled Irish America, which is, as the name implies, a periodical serving the Irish ethnic community in the United States.

Many immigrant communities in the New World produce magazines such as this, covering a mixture of topics relating to the community's homeland, and to the immigrant experience. Irish America benefits from higher production values than most such publications, and is produced on high-quality paper stock, with full-colour photography.

Kate Dillon's page was part of an extensive feature in the issue titled, "The Top 100." It listed the hundred most famous Americans of Irish descent. Only a few of these celebrities earned a page all to themselves, however, and it is wonderful to see that Kate was among them.

The text that accompanies the image briefly reviews Ms. Dillon's familiar story of triumph over industry-imposed anorexia. It quotes Kate as making her decision, at least in part, due to "Not wanting to be the 'socially-conditioned conformist'"--which is an admirable motivation, and worth adopting in any field of human endeavour.

Sadly, the text erroneously states that Ms. Dillon returned to modelling at a size 12, whereas in fact, she was always listed as a size 14 on the Wilhelmina site (even as late as November 2000, as seen here). Moreover, in her early Mode days, when she truly began changing the world, Mode identified her as a size 16, and even a truly goddesslike size 18.

Irish America also noted that Ms. Dillon's "ancestors hail from Clare," specifically.

It is rather interesting to discover that one of plus-size modelling's best-known stars is part of the "Irish connection" that endows the industry with so many of its finest talents.

- Click here to view at a readable size

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Default Re: Kate Dillon: Irish Beauty

Oh, I did not know she had been anorexic. Such a story of success! I reminds me of Crystal Renn. I have never taken that much notice of Kate Dillon, but now I will start.
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Default Re: Kate Dillon: Irish Beauty

I was initially going to say that Kate Dillon doesn't have quite the round-faced Irish beauty of the other models mentioned, but then I remembered that this has only been the case since the diminished herself to a faux-plus size. Back in the early days of MODE, she definitely resembled the other Celtic beauties. I still have the premier issue of MODE, in which the caption to a Kate Dillon tear sheet reads, "The beauty of Kate's face is that it is full."

My favourite Kate Dillon picture has always been this one, from Mode in 1998 or 1999. Her face exhibits the soft fullness that one associates with Irish beauty, and the hairstyle, outfit, and setting (which one could only see in other pictures from this layout, but definitely resembled an Old World environ) have a very atmospheric quality of Celtic Romanticism:

I wish she had remained truly full-figured.
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