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Old 31st January 2007   #1
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Default Kailee: Spring beauty at MXM

MXM has released its Spring 2007 campaign today, and Kailee O'Sullivan fans will be thrilled! Kailee appears on the site's cover page:

It's an adorable headshot, with Kailee's long hair flowing down her back. Her facial features look softer and lovelier than ever, and she adopts one of those soulful expressions that are her forte.

But the real treasure is on the Downloads page, which provides desktop wallpapers:

"Prairie Girl" is what MXM calls that picture of Kailee in the blouse with the rustic print. It's one of her curviest, most exciting pictures to date. She definitely improves with every campaign. Appropriately, it's a more passionate expression than the gentle look of her headshot. She makes that blouse look seductive and feminine.

Amazing campaign. I only wish the site featured even more images of its models.
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Old 1st February 2007   #2
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Default Re: Kailee: Spring beauty at MXM

That spectacular "prairie girl" image also appears on the site's launch page. What a brilliant choice. Who wouldn't be compelled to explore a site that featured such an exciting cover photo?

Click to enlarge

The headshot (cropped here from its even larger form, on the MXM desktop wallpapers) is mesmerizing. This time, the MXM photographer shot Kailee's breathtakingly fair complexion in its purest form, without any colour alterations. The model exhibits just a whisper of blush, and delicate pink lipgloss, in one of the most natural presentations of her beauty we have ever seen. The expression too is unforgettable. No other girl, except perhaps Kelsey Olson, allows herself to look so vulnerable and needy on camera. A Kailee O'Sullivan image always fixes viewers' attentions, holding them spellbound, verily in a trance.

We also uncovered this tiny but gorgeous image of Kailee online. Again, she shows remarkable emotion, and the image celebrates her soft, shapely arms. The hair falling over the eye is a captivating touch. We only hope that MXM will offer a larger version of this photograph, perhaps later in the season.

But the pièce de résistance is, of course, the "prairie girl" masterpiece, seen below. (MXM's Downloads page offers a still-larger version.) Kailee is at her very best here, and this is certainly one of the finest images of her career. MXM also deserves considerable praise for this shot, for, just like Miss O'Sullivan, the company too has improved in its presentations. With each campaign, the MXM photography has grown more size-positive, more genuinely celebratory of Kailee's figure.

The "prairie girl" image dramatically showcases the advantages of using models like Miss O'Sullivan and Christina Schmidt, who are under 5'8. Kailee's proportions look distinctly natural in this image, and visibly curvaceous. The MXM stylist also did a marvellous job here, for the impact of this image lies not just in what Kailee wears, but how she wears it. Leaving open all of the top and bottom buttons, having just two or three barely closed at the waist, makes the blouse look so much more sensual and feminine than it would if it were buttoned top to bottom. The effect is alluring, but in a modest manner.

Kailee's pose is heart-stopping--playing with her earring (and in the process showing off her shapely arm), and flashing such a rapacious look.

Once again, Miss O'Sullivan has created an exciting promotion for MXM. Kudos to the Reitmans group for unerringly selecting the industry's most captivating models, and to this young starlet for surpassing herself with every new campaign.


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Old 5th February 2007   #3
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Default Re: Kailee: Spring beauty at MXM

Kailee absolutely takes my breath away in this promo. She looks even more beautiful here than in her recent prom campaign. The only thing that could have possibly made this promotion even lovelier would have been shooting it in a rustic landscape - a prairie environment, to match the "prairie girl" look that Kailee wears oh so well.

I love the fact that the "Celtic beauties" in plussize modelling, like Kailee, are bringing back the allure of fair features.

Its such a delight to see Kailee become curvier and more stunning with every campaign. I hope no one ever tries to diminish her into a faux-plus model, but that she continues to develop into the next plussize goddess.
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Old 19th February 2007   #4
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Default Re: Kailee: Spring beauty at MXM

That last photo actually makes me wish I could gain more weight! Her figure is absolutely stunning in these shots! I am going to buy that outfit. If only more retailers realized how much sexier clothes look on plus-size models...what a different world we would be in. All women everywhere could feel free to enjoy eating whatever they wanted and would be able to enjoy life, rather than focusing on ridiculous diets. I am hopeful that change is happening, even if it does seem slow.

And on that note...I am going to show that last photo to every guy I know and ask what they think. I am already positive that their jaws will drop.
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Old 8th March 2007   #5
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Default Re: Kailee: Spring beauty at MXM

MXM has now debuted three more exciting images of Miss O'Sullivan for its Spring 2007 campaign. Although the fashions are not as feminine as one might wish, Kailee does a marvellous job exhibiting them, and shows off a variety of new tricks from her modelling repertoire.

Above all this dynamic new image is utterly captivating. It testifies to Kailee's youthful energy, while at the same time providing a suggestion of her curvy figure. How one wishes that the same pose displayed the model in a pretty dress, or a feminine top! However, the MXM styling team did a fine job. That attention-getting red headband ties back her voluminous tresses in a becoming way, while still allowing them to bounce freely for the photograph.

Kailee's technique is flawless. She manages to strike an expressive pose, while still appearing very graceful. The effect is voluptuous, not androgynously athletic, and very naturally girlish. Her skin looks adorably fair.

Again, we see Kailee's youthful ebullience in the following image. She absolutely beams, and her thick, heavy tresses swirl around her alluringly, like a natural halo. Images like these show the inestimable advantage of campaigns featuring younger plus-size models, like Kailee and Christina Schmidt, with their natural joie de vivre.

And for a change of pace, here is a darker, more dramatic expression from Miss O'Sullivan. How remarkable that she can generate such intense looks at such a youthful age.

Kailee's work, always brimming with potential, is now better than ever--and still improving. Her beauty is only increasing.

Incidentally, fans can also currently see her modelling for Deb Shops. However, that campaign appears to have been shot a while ago, as it shows Kailee looking regrettably thinner than the goddess of the MXM and Night Moves Prom campaigns.

As long as Kailee remains at least as curvy as she currently is--or, better yet, becomes more genuinely full-figured--her fame as one of the greatest of all plus-size models is sure to increase.


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Old 30th March 2007   #6
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Default Re: Kailee: Spring beauty at MXM

It's tiny, unfortunately, but what a joy to be able to share one more delightful image of Kailee from this brilliant campaign. This is one of her very best images, showing the model in a sinuous pose that emphasizes her gorgeous curves. Her arms look soft and full, and her luxuriant tresses flow freely over her shoulders. This graceful pose has the allure of a movement shot--but a very languid, easy kind of movement, free of any exertion. The splash of red of the model's headband adds just the right touch of colour to the photo.

This promotion has yielded one masterpiece after another from Kailee. It's exciting to consider what the future may hold for this beautiful starlet, who is among the industry's most promising young talents.

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