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Old 13th February 2007   #1
M. Lopez
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Default Kelsey Olson at Igigi

It's marvellous to see Kelsey Olson working for another new client - this time,

The site's ad copy states that this dress evokes "Cinderella-like romanticism with black lace on pink" - and who could embody this notion better than Kelsey, with her soft, fairy-tale beauty?

The reverse view is an especially sensual image:

The vintage pink shade goes so well with her exquisitely fair complexion. The blonde hair, blue eyes, and pink lips constitute an enchanting look.

Kelsey also appears in a second dress, and while I much prefer the other style, a Kelsey image always warrants a look:

This is all part of Igigi's own Prom 2007 campaign. However, like Torrid, Igigi's dresses are not so much prom-specific as they are generally attractive gowns that can be worn for any formal occasion.

The lovely landing-page graphic promises yet another Igigi dress image featuring Kelsey:

That expression is a particularly attractive one - a faraway, dreamlike gaze - and the cascading hairstyle is simply gorgeous.

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Old 14th February 2007   #2
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Default Re: Kelsey Olson at Igigi

This series of photos reminds me of Walter Hartwright (of The Woman In White, by Wilkie Collins) first meeting his new art pupil, Marian.

He enters into the breakfast room only to see her with her back turned, but immediately he is struck "by the rare beauty of her form... Her figure was tall, yet not too tall; comely and well-developed...; her waist, perfection in the eyes of a man, for it occupied its natural place, it filled out its natural circle, it was visibly and delightfully undeformed by stays."

She does not note his entrance, but goes about her business while he lingers a few moments more to admire her. Finally he makes a noise and she does turn round. Sadly, in the book, her face is angular and masculine which becomes a turn-off to him. However, one could easily imagine Kelsey as Laura, Mr. Hartwright's other pupil, a far fairer, more angelic-faced girl, being the one he comes in on. Now - she turns and, lo, her face is a perfect match for such an exquisite figure, and our poor art tutor is dumbstruck with awe and admiration, soon to become love.

Thank you to Kelsey and Igigi for such beautiful pictures!
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Old 15th February 2007   #3
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Default Re: Kelsey Olson at Igigi

Originally Posted by Betsy
"her waist, perfection in the eyes of a man, for it occupied its natural place, it filled out its natural circle, it was visibly and delightfully undeformed by stays."

This passage conveys a significant truth. Despite modern myths to the contrary, a full waist that "fills out its natural circle" is an extremely attractive, womanly trait. Admirers of true beauty invariably prefer that the feminine figure be "delightfully undeformed by stays" (i.e., free of body-disfiguring "shapewear"), so that its generous contours are visible. The silhouette of the goddess with an unrestrained figure looks comfortable and natural, and conveys a quality of ease and pleasure, whereas a compressed shape communicates a sense of discomfort and agitation.

Bravo to Igigi for selecting Kelsey for this campaign, and for shooting the promotion in a wonderfully unmodern setting. The marble walls and gilded wickets, exemplifying the distinctively opulent 19th-century style, harmonize with the Victorian Romanticism of Kelsey's dress--and indeed, with her own beauty, which perfectly embodies the Victorian ideal.

(This makes Betsy's reference to a Victorian novel particularly apt.)

Here is a close-up of Kelsey, showing the exquisite softness of her round facial features, and the luminous fairness of her peaches-and-cream complexion. To gaze upon this image is to enter a different time, a better (and more beautiful) age than our own--and one that we can surely revive in the present day, if only we have the will to do so.

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Old 20th February 2007   #4
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Default Re: Kelsey Olson at Igigi

Igigi has kindly sent us a series of "extra" images from Kelsey's shoot. We are not aware whether these are outtakes, or previews of items to come on the Igigi site, but either way, these photographs surpass even those that have already been featured, and are undoubtedly among the finest pictures that Kelsey has created to date.

The most stunning of all is certainly the following luscious image. We have long hoped to see Kelsey in reclining poses, as curvaceous goddesses are invariably at their most intoxicating when they are presented in states of indolent repose. Every element comes together here to create a memorable visual. The model's skin is luminescent, in its breathtaking pink fairness, especially against the dark background. Her limbs look particularly curvaceous. The feminine hairstyle accentuates the roundness of her face. Her blue eyes are angelic, and her fair tresses cascade softly over her shoulders. Kelsey's expression exhibits longing and banked-down passion.

Also memorable is the following sitting pose, in a dress that has not yet appeared on the Igigi site. It wraps beautifully around Kelsey's bust, and exhibits a gorgeous expanse of her soft shoulders and arms. Her expression is more gentle here, but all the more sensual for being so, with a touch of come-hither enticement in her eyes. Note how the opulent stonework perfectly compliments Kelsey's unmodern, lavish beauty. Both the model's appearance, and the intricate detail in the masonry, are expressions of a richer, nobler age than our own.

In another view of the same dress, Kelsey adopts an entirely different demeanour. Here, she is girlish and coy, evoking teen starlet Hilary Duff in better days, when Hilary was briefly curvaceous. Notice how an accomplished model can give a dress a completely different character by varying her pose and expressions. In the previous image, Kelsey wore her dress in the manner of an elegant damsel, offering a sense of how it would look in a refined setting. Here, she is the undisputed queen of the prom, the youthful princess whom every boy has admired from afar throughout high school, and whose beauty he will never forget.

The following image displays Kelsey's most overtly sensual expression from the shoot, with parted lips and melting eyes. The babylike softness of her look, however, gives even this pose a touch of innocence. The golden tresses wind around her shoulders in soft, lazy curls--utterly breathtaking--and the lighting perfectly captures the wondrous fairness of her complexion. Kelsey has, without a doubt, the most exquisite skin tone and colouring of any model in the industry.

The following images show fuller-length impressions of Igigi's Classical dress in royal purple. Note how the fabric is thin enough to mimic the effect of Grecian "wet drapery," whereby the shapeliness of the model's leg and waist is hinted at through the material. On a voluptuous vixen like Kelsey, that suggestion of womanly proportions is the best fashion accessory of all, and gives the dress its considerable allure.

Here is an expanded version of the image that appears in Igigi's "prom" graphic, posted above. The arch in the background seems to frame Kelsey herself, as if she were a living work of art--which she sure is. The gossamer shawl evokes the sheer, dreamlike drapery in works of Victorian Classicism, such as paintings by John William Godward. Note once again the presence of the ornate Historicist stonework. Kelsey's full-figured beauty, her fair features, and her princess-like tresses would have been much revered in the era in which this gorgeous building was constructed. And if these qualities are any less revered today, we are the poorer for it, for it confirms that we are living in a diminished age. To gaze upon these images is to see the essence of ideal beauty, which still permeated public consciousness just a century ago.

And finally, we see Miss Olson in purest white--a shade that has always captured her at her finest. This gown does not yet appear at the Igigi site, but we hope that it soon will. An angel of the Heavenly Host could not look more celestial than Kelsey does here. Although the empire-cut dress is loose, again, the model's sumptuous contours give it an attractive shape. She seems lit from within.

Congratulations to Miss Olson and to Igigi for an exceptional campaign. The company found in Kelsey an ideal model for its most feminine fashions, and wisely photographed her in a Historicist setting that harmonizes with her goddesslike alure. Together, the beauty of the model and of her environment create a stunning presentation of timeless beauty.


(Kelsey is in rotation on the cover page; click "refresh" to see her two cover images.)

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Old 20th February 2007   #5
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Default Re: Kelsey Olson at Igigi

The first picture is the most beautiful I have ever seen of Kelsey. They are actually showing her curvy waist. I almost cannot believe my own delight. It is totally amazing. Pictures like that also really show us girls how that dress would fit. Often, catalogs and online stores only show their clothing on a model standing up. Then, one can't know how the garment will actually fit. This picture is not only beautiful, it is also real. That is what a woman sitting down in a beautiful dress looks like. We are entitled to more pictures like that. If we had them, we women might be less inclined to starve.
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Old 21st February 2007   #6
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Default Re: Kelsey Olson at Igigi

New at the Igigi site is the "Grecia inspired" evening gown that Kelsey models in several of the above images:

Once again, the reverse view is the softest, most enchanting image. But the walking shot allows the dress to shows the curve of her hip.

The golden gate in the photo plays up the sense of luxury and elegance, as do the marble walls. It's like Kelsey stepped through the gates of Heaven, to bestow some beauty on our world. Utterly stunning.

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Old 25th March 2007   #7
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Default Produced by Catherine Schuller . . .

The fact that this campaign has been so well received by admirers of timeless beauty should come as no surprise, since it was "produced" by none other than the very talented Catherine Schuller.

Ms. Schuller was one of the luminaries who helped craft the original Mode, and she has been extremely active in the industry ever since, taking on various roles--including, most recently, an intriguing new position at Figure magazine.

Ms. Schuller recently shared with us a fascinating, behind-the-scenes account of the making of this Igigi shoot. Her comments reveal just how much imagination and energy goes into assembling all of the pieces of an accomplished campaign--efforts that fans are liable to take for granted.

Ms. Schuller writes:

[T]he truth be known, I actually had you in mind when I put this together...

I don't have a lot of time to do this kind of thing. It took a tremendous amount of research. I did it because Igigi pleaded with me to help them get to the next level.

Can I tell you that I followed a tip from a movie location scout and secured these buildings? I had a lead for a country club but it was $2500 a day--a great price, but still out of the league of Igigi's budget.

The buildings I secured have a wonderful history, and have also been used in many, many films. (To name a few,
The Good Shepherd and many Law & Order episodes were shot there.) They are two magnificent Beaux Arts buildings in the City Hall area of Manhattan, on Chambers Street.

The more amber-colored building is called the Surrogate's Court, which complemented the warmth and copper overtones of Wyinnetka's skin shade,

and Kelsey's building was right next door on Chambers Street as well. It is called Emigrant Savings Bank.

I was able to secure these for free from the gracious Mayor's Office of Film, TV and Broadcasting. They even paid for the security guards, who were on duty the whole time. The only payment was that we had to indemnify the city of New York on Igigi's insurance policy, and their company wouldn't do that, so we had to buy a day's policy for $420 (another thing I researched), which they accepted for two days. So the location budget came to under $500. If that's not an amazing factoid, I don't know what is.

Kelsey was great to work with...[she] is an absolute pro in her heart. Nicole did an amazing job of the makeup and my new "find" was a young hairdresser named Alesha Oak who used to work at Louis Licari salon in Manhattan and has recently joined forces with a new shop in the Nolita section downtown called Heardroom. She is hot. I am sending all my clients to her and even jumped ship myself. The jewelry designer--one of my discoveries., JulRe Designs--complemented the dresses to a "t", and the shoes are mine as well. So that's the inside scoop. Lucas Jones, Maddy's husband, did an exquisite job on the shots.

* * *

How extraordinary. It is easy enough for proponents of cultural renewal to suggest that clients shoot their campaigns in opulent locations, so that the aesthetic of the backgrounds matches the Classical beauty of the models. But this account reveals just how challenging it is to realize such an ideal. It also demonstrates the benefits of enlisting the talents of an industry veteran like Ms. Schuller--someone who is able to put all of the pieces together: to select an exciting model such as Kelsey, to scout and secure a correspondingly lovely setting, and to assemble a suitable creative team.

But the gorgeous results of this campaign speak for themselves, and amply demonstrate that all of the effort that goes into crafting an artistically-accomplished promotion such as this is well worth it. The images that have resulted from this ideal merging of feminine beauty, opulent architecture, and romantic styling are visual masterpieces, and will do much to help foster the aesthetic restoration that our society needs and craves.

We are grateful to Ms. Schuller for letting us peer behind the curtain and appreciate the intricate planning and hard work that is required in producing the images that we all admire. And kudos once again to Igigi, for stretching itself, and organizing a campaign that is worthy of the Classical beauty which their apparel adorns.

Kelsey Olson; true beauty of the past, present, and future:

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Old 14th April 2007   #8
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Default Re: Kelsey Olson at Igigi

I think Catherine Schuller achieved something truly remarkable with this campaign. I applaud and thank her for finding the perfect location in which to set these lovely images, and for expending the time and effort to create something really extraordinary with this promotion.

And of course, I also want to offer Igigi the most enthusiastic praise for making this campaign possible, and for having the vision to enlist Kelsey to model the company's lovely dresses.

Just yesterday, I received an Igigi e-mail ad announcing the official debut of the dress that Kelsey wore in the most gorgeous of all of the images in this series:

I very much hope that Igigi will produce other elegant and attractive campaigns such as this, in the future...

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Old 16th April 2007   #9
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Default Re: Kelsey Olson at Igigi

Heres something wonderful to see. Igigi has placed Kelsey on its cover page - and not in rotation, but as a stable image. Kelsey is the sole current Igigi cover girl.

They could not have possibly chosen a better cover shot, as this is the most gorgeous picture that Igigi has ever produced. The cover line is so true: "Prom has never been this sexy."

It also would have been true if they had said, "Timeless beauty has never been this sexy," "Curvy girls have never been this sexy," etc. Kelsey looks so alluringly sensual in that image, with her indolent pose, languid expression, golden curls flowing softly over her shoulders, and fair skin. The picture will stop anyone in their tracks who even casts a glance at it.

Every young woman dreams of looking this gorgeous at her prom, and every young man longs to take such a beautiful princess to the amazing event.

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Old 22nd April 2007   #10
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Default Re: Kelsey Olson at Igigi

The cover page has since changed, but Igigi has added another new item modelled by Kelsey- that gorgeous, purple, classically-inspired dress that was previewed in this thread a few months ago.

You can see the front version a few posts up, and now, here is the back view (which is always the most sensual look, in halter dresses), and a profile view.

I love how suggestive the transluscent shawl is. It conceals, yet reveals. On a date, Kelsey's young man would undoubtedly be captivated, and would be hoping that she might let the shawl slip off, at some point.

If you go to the product page, and use the magnify feature, you can see some lovely close-ups of Kelsey.
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