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Default Kelsey: Voluptuous angel (at Torrid)

For days, fans have been writing in to us in praise of Kelsey's new Spring 2007 pictures at Torrid, but we wanted to wait until a generous group of images had debuted to comment on what is perhaps Kelsey's most gorgeous work to date.

After seeing Kelsey presented so well in campaigns by Igigi and by Fashion Bug, Torrid undoubtedly felt the challenge of photographing its blonde muse just as well, if not better, and it more than rose to the occasion. These images are among the most size-positive and loveliest that the junior-plus retailer has ever produced. The clothing is pretty, the styling feminine, the hairstyles enchanting, and above all, Kelsey herself has never more fully embodied the timeless ideal of beauty.

Let's begin with three ever-so-cute lace-trimmed tops. The lace adds a much-desired feminine element to what otherwise would be simple pieces, but note also Torrid's brilliant touch of binding Kelsey's tresses with a hair scarf, which makes the ensemble even more girlish. The hairstyle is soft and romantic, and pink is definitely Kelsey's very best hue, as it playing up the delicate fairness of her complexion. Note the sensual hint of a curvy waist.

Click to view image source

(You may click on each of these images to view the product pages.)

If we come in for a close-up on the grey version of this top, we see just how gorgeous this hairstyle is on Kelsey, accentuating the intoxicating roundness of her facial features. The hair scarf carefully allows a wave of golden hair to cascade over the side of her face, while suggesting the fullness of the rest of her tresses, which the scarf can barely keep in place--so voluminous are they. This instills a wonderful tension in the image, creating an anticipation in the viewer that the model might, at any moment, undo the scarf and let her hair spill out freely all over her shoulders.

Click to view image source

For the blue version of this top, Torrid unbinds Kelsey's hair, but note the addition of an absolutely original accessory--a pretty bow ribbon on her arm. It further endows a basic casual look with a desirable touch of femininity, and subconsciously emphasizes the fairy-tale quality of the model's beauty.

Click to view image source

Another item showing Kelsey in pink also compliments her figure and her complexion especially well. Note the deftness of Torrid's cosmetics artist, who gave Kelsey a look that preserves the fresh lightness of her skin tone, yet also reveals a radiant glow, a flush of heath and vitality. This is one of Miss Olson's signature "helpless" expressions, which always send hearts around the world fluttering . . .

Click to view image source

Pink and white are the dominant colours in this new spring collection, and this image showing Kelsey in a white top with pink shrug dispenses with any lingering appeal of a "tanorexic" look, in favour of the fair complexion, golden hair, and soft features of timeless beauty, which Kelsey embodies to perfection. Note the amulet that the model is wearing--a devil kissing an angel. Truly, Miss Olson's angelic features are so celestially gorgeous that they could tempt the Devil himself to renounce his rebellion against the Almighty, out of a longing for heavenly beauty such as this.

Click to view image source

The otherworldly nature of Kelsey's beauty is even more apparent in this, perhaps the prettiest headshot that she has ever taken. Her features look enchantingly delicate here, like those of newborn, and the expression is correspondingly youthful. The headband itself is a captivating accessory, especially in such a girlish print.

Click to view image source

For something a little bit different, Torrid is also offering several "edgier" styles. The following black dress may seem, at first, to be a tad shapeless, even as it shows off the beauty of the model's luscious arms and shoulders, framed by its ornate gold trim,

Click to view image source

but, as a halter style, the true allure of the garment can only be appraised from the reverse view--and in this respect, on Kelsey, it becomes breathtakingly beautiful. Note how sensually it embraces the model's curves. The prominent gold-embroidered lettering indicates that the designer knew full well that this would be the view that would best showcase the appeal of his design.

Click to view image source

While the following item is not necessarily a Judgment of Paris pick, Kelsey still manages to make it desirable. Above all, in these images, it is worth noting the artistry of Torrid's hair and make-up team. Observe how this hairstyle gives Kelsey's tresses a darker blonde look, in comparison to the ethereal fairness that they displayed in the above images. And yet, the style is still exquisitely voluptuous and romantic. It takes some of the hair off the body, allowing the top to show off the model's soft, bare shoulders. The red lipstick is passionate, and Kelsey's look is suitably rapacious. Above all, it is the fullness of the model's facial features that makes this image so captivating.

Click to view image source

And think what one will of the top, the reverse view of the item shows that on a curvaceous goddess such as Kelsey, it is still an alluring choice.

Click to view image source

And finally, we come to everyone's favourite items of vixen apparel--the dresses. Torrid is showcasing two new designs on Kelsey that merit mention. First is a floral tube dress that presents Miss Olson as the personification of summer itself. It fits gorgeously at the bust, and note the feminine details, such as the tie sash and the lace trim (viewable in the product page). The hair band is always a terrific styling touch--in the perfect shade for this dress, pristine white--and the hairstyle is full and romantic, as is most fitting for this style.

Click to view image source

And finally, as if a colour inversion of the above item, here is a blue tube dress that similarly features attractive feminine touches, such as a white sash, and exquisite detail on the hem. Whether adapted to dresses or tops, the tube style is irresistible on a curvaceous goddess such as Kelsey.

Click to view image source

In this case, it is also worth viewing the image close, to discover an especially gorgeous headshot of the model. Kelsey's facial features have never looked softer and more attractive than in this image, and her tresses seem more loosely curled than usual, contributing to the quality of languid ease suggested by the photo. Those two pink hearts in Miss Olson's hair are the crowning touch (Torrid's stylist has a knack for such things), playing off against the blue fabric, heightening her pink-and-fair complexion, and underscoring the girlish nature of Kelsey's beauty.

Click to view image source

This fine work merits a standing ovation for Michael Anthony and his team--and above all, for Kelsey herself, who miraculously grows more beautiful with every campaign.

- Kelsey on the Torrid cover

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Default Re: Kelsey: Voluptuous angel (at Torrid)

What a remarkable set of pictures. Her range is amazing - going from girl-next-door pretty to sinful seductress, and all points in between. She really is prettier now than ever. The magic touch is not losing weight, but remaining just as curvy, or curvier.

In the headshot in grey, Kelsey reminds me of Hilary Duff back when she was kind-of curvy (and gorgeous).

Her skin is so fair, and yet she looks SO healthy! What a contrast to the dying models who walk the runways of the world. And I defy anyone to spout nonsense like "clothes look better on thin girls", when every single one of these items looks good precisely because it is shown on Kelseys voluptuous figure.

Thats a really cute white dress. Oh, and kudos for all the accessories. I would love to see ribbons and bows become really popular fashion staples... Unleash your inner girl!
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Old 3rd March 2007   #3
M. Lopez
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Default Re: Kelsey: Voluptuous angel (at Torrid)

Kelsey is utterly breathtaking, and Torrid gave her some truly cute and feminine pieces to model - all beautiful, especially on her. I only hope that she remains genuinely curvaceous, and that no one ever tries to diminish her gorgeous figure. She's definitely one of the most exciting models in the industry, just the way she is, and one of the select few girls who can really change society's perception of plus-size beauty. I hope her career develops even further. I want to see her on magazine covers, someday soon!

I saw a nice Torrid ad featuring Kelsey the other day:

Lovely headshot, with the sun shining on her. It's nice to see her shooting outdoors!
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Old 8th March 2007   #4
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Default Re: Kelsey: Voluptuous angel (at Torrid)

Kelsey looks perfect in colors- they compliment her skin so well- but I also think she's very pretty in the neutral collection that Torrid recently offered:

"Ruffles"? "Billowy fabrics"? I'm there!

Another nice picture of Kelsey in that dress:

but I also appreciate this black lace-trimmed style. Notice the bow/ribbon accessory on Kelsey's arm, which adds so much! She's simpy gorgeous.
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Default Re: Kelsey: Voluptuous angel (at Torrid)

Kelsey fans can regularly see this pretty model at Torrid. The store has a few new items modelled by Miss Olson, and since her camisole pictures are always so popular, here's one:

Very nice touch with the white headband, giving a casual look a touch of continental class. She just gets prettier and prettier, somehow.

Oh, and although I'm not fond of stripes, doesn't this camisole picture make you think of a bathing-suit print?

I don't think Kelsey has ever modelled swimwear yet, has she? Whichever company wins the privilege of being the first to feature Christina Schmidt, Charlotte Coyle, or Kelsey in swimwear will have the publicity bonanza of the century on their hands...
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Old 20th March 2007   #6
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Default Re: Kelsey: Voluptuous angel (at Torrid)

Kelsey probably looks shapeliest in the orange camisole:

and most angelic in the white camisole (despite the detail of the print):

But fans might want to zoom in close on this image, showing Kelsey in a polo top:

It's a really seductive expression by Kelsey - appropriate, since she's wearing the "passionate" look that was commented on, above.

Consistently brilliant work from this extraordinary model...
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Old 22nd March 2007   #7
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Default Re: Kelsey: Voluptuous angel (at Torrid)

I really like the new Torrid cover with Kelsey, showing her in blue. It's lovely. There's a slightly larger version of the image on another Torrid page:

Maybe it's the gentle blue print, but the picture makes me feel so relaxed and peaceful. Kelsey has such a soft look here. Her skin is so fair. I think she's wearing a shirt under her dress, which I would never do myself, but the dress by itself is nice. Her expression is beautiful and romantic.

There's also a larger version in the new Torrid flyer:
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