Barbara Brickner: A Portrait

Barbara Brickner

Despite her extensive commercial work, along with her frequent appearances in MODE magazine, Barbara Brickner has received surprisingly little Web publicity to date—perhaps preferring to let her images speak for themselves. The following brief profiles are two of the very rare glimpses of her personal life that fans have hitherto been permitted to see. The first is a short portrait of the model, and the second is a description of her wedding day. Even in these fragments, however, Mrs. Brickner’s grace and charm cannot fail to impress.

Reigning Runway Royalty

by Tina Redwood

Like all newlyweds, Barbara Brickner has had a whirlwind of a first year. But this new bride shows no signs of slowing down. “After marrying Jeff, I left my hometown of Seattle to start our life together in a suburb on Long Island. The past sixteen months have been challenging. We’re working to find ways for us to stay connected while I’m away on location. I’ve never written so many letters or made so many long-distance calls. But it’s certainly been a great way to keep us on our romantic toes.” Aside from keeping her hubby’s heartstrings tuned, Barbara indulges the other passion in her life—music. “I love to sing,” she enthuses, especially tunes from the Christian/pop genre. Adding somewhat tongue in cheek, “I’m not embarrassed to call myself a wannabe Amy Grant.”

-from MODE magazine, March 2000.

Not a Cloud in Sight

by Amy Calabrese

HOW WE MET: Through mutual friends. We were all out dancing one night and my husband told his friends, “I’m going to marry that girl.” The funny thing is that before I went on our first date, I almost canceled. I just wasn’t ready for a relationship at that time in my life. But my mom convinced me by saying, “What’s the big deal? It’s not like you’re going to marry the guy.”

WHERE WE GOT HITCHED: Both the service and reception were held at a country club outside Seattle, Washington.

THE FLOWERS: Mostly roses in champagne and blush pink.

THE DRESS: I added the sheer sleeves to the gown. For me, it made the whole thing. I actually found my veil in a small boutique months before I bought the dress. I put it on and it fit the feeling I was looking for. Then when I found the dress, the beading on the top of the veil matched it perfectly.

UNUSUAL TOUCH: Right before the wedding, our photographer took us down to a beach where I had played a lot as a little girl. We just walked around and he captured all of these candid moments on film, like Jeff seeing me in my wedding gown for the first time.

PANIC MOMENT: When I woke up that morning, it was kind of gray and drizz]y. We were having an outdoor wedding, so I was freaking out. But, by noon, it had turned into a gorgeous day.

FAVOURITE MOMENT: It was the night before our wedding. My sister and I were living together in an apartment at the time, and she came into my room before we went to sleep and said, “I love you, Barb, and I’m so happy for you and so proud of you.” We cried and said a little prayer before we went to bed. She was my maid of honor.

WE WENT ALL-OUT ON: The music. My mom is a music teacher so she insisted on getting a string quartet for the service. They were playing outside so it was even more beautiful.

SOMETHING OLD: When I walked up the aisle with my dad—an emotional wreck, mind you—and got to the front, my mother handed mea hankie that belonged to my grandmother. That was my something old and borrowed.

SOMETHING NEW: A little gold bracelet that Jeff gave to me before the wedding.

SOMETHING BLUE: My garter belt.

OUR SONG: Curtis Stigers’s “Keep Me From the Cold.”

HONEYMOONED IN: Whistler, Canada.

-from MODE magazine, February 2001.

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