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Jennifer Larkin

A Toddler Time Out

by Francesca Hayslett

Jennifer Larkin wasn’t sure she’d know how to raise a boy (she’s the oldest of four sisters). Her two-year-old-son Nicholas has taught her that and much more. “When you look at a little baby boy, you see the vulnerability in being a man,” she says. “They show you what grown men won’t let you to see.”

Taking care of other people suits Larkin. It was when she accompanied her sister Katie to her first modeling interview in Dallas six years ago, that she herself was offered a modeling career. (A third sister, Shannon…is also a model.) Larkin worked in Texas and then in San Francisco for several years before she moved to New York.

After her career blossomed and she adjusted to life in a new city, fate intervened again, this time in the form of Jason Milazzo. “I was on a flight home from Dallas with a friend of mine and Jason was sitting by us. I don’t know why, but I said to my friend, ‘That is who I’m going to marry.’ When we got to the airport, my friend dropped her bags. It was Jason who came and helped her pick them up. We married nine months later.”

Today, Larkin lives in Greenwich, Connecticut, and commutes to work in the city several times a week. “It makes me happy,” she says of modeling. “The people I work with are very different, so it makes life more interesting. I like the mix.”

-from MODE magazine, May 1998.

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Unlike a certain other famous Texas dynasty, the Larkin family’s claim to fame rests not on providing the U.S. with presidents and governors, but on the even-more-unlikely circumstance of producing three plus-size supermodel siblings. Although Shannon Larkin has recently been the most visible of the three, aficionados of full-figured modelling have always known that Jennifer, the eldest, received the lion’s share of beauty among the sisters. Perhaps a select few models have prettier facial features than Jennifer Larkin, but her figure rivals even Barbara Brickner’s for sheer classical perfection.

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