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Best Web Site of 2000—LIIS: A TRIBUTE

“On the surface, this site appears to be your average minor-celebrity devotion site, in this case honouring the beautiful Canadian plus-size model Liis Windischmann. But when you delve into its pages, you discover that this is a wonderfully subversive examination of the nature of beauty, and a lyrical aesthetic argument favouring the larger, ‘classical’ female form over the bone-thin standards of modern Western society. The site includes other models besides Liis in photo galleries and in features called ‘The Judgment of Paris’ and ‘Timeless Beauty,’ which weave together the women’s images with classical paintings and passages from literature to compelling effect. Site creator Heinrich Saint-Germain is a brilliant scholar, and thanks to e-mail, this fine gentleman is also my friend and comrade. Heinrich is doing the kind of stuff that can be achieved on the Web and in no other medium, and I strive to make my site half as good as his.”

-Lard Biscuit Enterprises, December 31, 2000

“Congratulations on having created such a terrific, size-positive site! The Size Wise Excellence Award is given to you in recognition of a job well done in helping to improve the lives of large people everywhere and as a way of letting visitors know of the quality they can expect on your site.

“Congratulations on a terrific job at creating and maintaining your site. It looks great and provides another size-positive online presence.”

-Size Wise, December 1999

“At Bella, we recognize the amount of hard work that goes into creating a Web site. In light of that fact, and to encourage [men and] women to create Web sites that express [the] beauty and power [of full-figured femininity], we have established the Bella Award. This award recognizes overall excellence in Web site design for size-/self-acceptance-related Web sites.

“We’re very glad you took the time to visit this page. Unlike other award programs, Bella does not view our award as simply a way to get another link on another page, and therefore, we do not just automatically award it to every site that applies. We critically evaluate every Web site against the criteria we list on our application page.

“This entire lovely site is dedicated to plus-size model Liis and other gorgeous women of past and present. The ‘Timeless Beauty’ page is a fascinating (and uncanny) look at how today’s women are a living homage to the generous beauty aesthetic of years past.”

-Bella magazine, July 1999


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Timeless Beauty

The Judgment of Paris Survey


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