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“There is more reason in your body than in your best wisdom.”
-Nietzsche, Also sprach Zarathustra.

Vol. I: September–December, 2001.
  • A Eulogy for MODE
  • MODE Mattered
  • A Big Myth: Fantasy versus Reality

Vol. II: January–March, 2002.
  • Acceptance is Not Enough
  • Aesthetic of the past, shape of the future…
  • Fashion’s “Classical Revival”
  • The Art Renewal Center—An Ally
  • John William Godward
  • Vogue Magazine’s “Shape” Issue

Vol. III: April–June, 2002.
  • Size celebration the wrong way…
  • Was the original MODE really that good?
  • Only a conduit…
  • The True Alternative
  • The Time Machine
  • A Big Myth: “Clothes Look Better on Thin Women”
  • Kate Dillon: Goths and Curves
  • Death Aesthetic vs. Life Renewal

Vol. IV: July–September, 2002.
  • The Paradox of the Plus-Size Model
  • Beauty and Horror in Vienna
  • “Under a Distant Grecian Sky”
  • The EVIL Diet Ad
  • The Lure of the Exotic
  • H.R.H. The Prince of Wales—An Ally
  • Normalizing the abnormal

Vol. V: October–December, 2002.
  • “What are they trying to sell?”
  • Where we are; where we need to be…
  • Kate Dillon for Christmas
  • Mia Tyler, MXM, magazines, and money
  • “There’s something wrong with the eye of the beholder”

Vol VI: January–March, 2003.
  • The Natural Preference
  • “Stick Chicks”
  • Full is feminine, says U.S. Weekly
  • A tale of two spokesmodels
  • A few words with Catherine Lippincott
  • The newest Vogue ploy—“Shape Shifting”
    • Vogue: The “Diet Issue”
    • The dangers of selling out
  • The Grace “Shape Issue”—A Proposal
  • “The beauty of yesterday, today, and tomorrow”
  • A modelling vignette

Vol VII: April–June, 2003.
  • Embroidery—the art of folklore
  • A “body-confidence” issue?
  • The turn in thinking
  • Why “Plus-Size” is Positive (as if you didn’t know…)
  • Missed opportunities
  • Meagre or Mythic?
  • Coming attractions—“Troy” (2004)
  • Coffee talk, capitalism, and “created customers”
  • “Fullness and beauty of form”
  • Plus-size models and haute couture
  • An Aesthetic Restoration in New York
  • “The Romantic”
  • “Naturally curvy”
SPECIAL EDITION: Elena Mirò, 2003.
  • “Forever Beautiful”
  • “The Ideal Woman”
  • ART EXHIBIT celebrating the full female figure
  • “The Emotion of Art”
  • “A Breath of Fresh Air”
  • “The Reconquest of the Body”
  • Elena Mirò wants YOU

Vol. VIII: July–September, 2003.
  • “The Sublime…”
    • “…and the Beautiful”
    • The Borghese Gladiator
  • Work that has real value
  • The Rock Star I Saw at the Mall [by Gabrielle Taber]
  • Renaissance Women
    • “Figures of adoration”
  • A Postcard from Italy
  • A Declaration of (Body) Love
  • The MODE love affair
  • A plus-size model in a music video
  • “The only all-out attack on academic freedom you’re ever likely to hear”
  • Let’s start an epidemic!
  • A thousand words
  • “The birth of a whole new movement…”

Vol. IX: October–December, 2003.
  • La dolce vita
  • Body love in the mainstream press
  • Study finds: Plus-size models improve body image
  • Megan Garcia—Living Goddess
    • The Red Dress
  • Why diet ads are bad for business
  • The Joy of Styling
  • The Rebirth of Venus
  • The End of Grace
  • The need for quality
  • Location, location, location…
  • “Guess what’s back in style—Your body”
  • “The Flower of Beauty”
  • Reflection of the soul
    • Beauty and meaning
  • There is no “weight problem”—only a media problem
  • Natural inclinations
  • “More is More”
  • “The Lush Life”
  • The Child of Nature
  • Fifth Anniversary

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