This site is a modest tribute for the most gorgeous plus-size model there has ever been, and the loveliest woman ever photographed.

Shannon Marie began her career as a straight-size model, but achieved her greatest success after blossoming into a full-figured beauty. Her clients included Bloomingdale’s, Lane Bryant, Fashion Bug, Dillard’s, Addition-Elle, Onyx Nite, Quelle, and many others. She appeared in a fashion layout in Seventeen, and her frequent showings in MODE magazine (both editorials and ads) were met with the wildest enthusiasm. To this day she remains extremely popular with the public

No other model so perfectly embodies every feature of ideal feminine beauty, as first delineated in Classical Antiquity, and celebrated throughout the history of Western art.

This site currently offers three galleries of Shannon Marie’s most memorable images, along with a fascinating profile of the model (reproduced as it originally appeared on

Thanks to a gift from our friend D. Trull, we also possess a captivating video presenting Shannon Marie’s appearance on The Roseanne Show.

In this intriguing account, former model Allison Price describes the memorable experience of modelling with Shannon Marie. And in our recent interview with MODE co-founder Michele Weston, the style expert singles out Shannon Marie for praise as she recalls the magazine’s most beloved models.

Fans of Shannon Marie may also wish to vote for her on this site’s survey page, where aficionados can cast a ballot for their favourite plus-size model.

Shannon Marie invariably tops the list of models whom the public would wish to see make a return to modelling. Whether she ever does so or not, she has left behind an incomparable legacy of extraordinary images, and remains the measure by which all plus-size models are judged.

This site is honoured to provide a permanent visual record of her extraordinary accomplishments.

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Roseanne Show video · MODE Interview

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