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“Perfectly beautiful bodies are not composed of angular parts.”
-Burke, A Philosophical Enquiry into the Origin of our Ideas of the Sublime and Beautiful.

Plus-Size Supermodels:

Shannon Marie: Fairest of Them All — A tribute for by far the most beautiful of all plus-size models, and the loveliest woman ever photographed. Included are picture galleries, a short bio, reminiscences from peers, and a video.

Christina Schmidt: Timeless Beauty Today — A Web tribute for a gorgeous and popular Canadian plus-size model and actress, famous for her role in Degrassi: The Next Generation, and now part of the plus-size modelling board of the Wilhelmina agency in New York.

Charlotte Coyle: A Panegyric — An online encomium for a full-figured Irish goddess. The site features image galleries with numerous high-resolution images, as well as a host of external links.

Barbara Brickner: An Encomium — An unofficial tribute site for renowned plus-size supermodel Barbara Brickner, featuring image pages, an original interview, fan appreciation, and external links.

Valerie Lefkowitz: An Homage — A tribute for an attractive Ford 12+ model. The site includes image galleries, fan appreciation, links to official profiles, and more.

Liis: A Tribute — An online panegyric for top plus-size model Liis Windischmann, comprising a record of much of her Canadian modelling career.

Melissa King — Official Web site of size-14 Wilhelmina model Melissa King, featuring a notable image gallery and contact information.

Emme — Emme’s official Web site provides information about her celebrity appearances, her clothing line, and her many other endeavours, and features a Web log authored by the model.

Magical Mia Tyler — A fine tribute by a dedicated Mia Tyler fan, this Web site features many recent images of the well-known plus-size model and celebrity. It is cleanly laid out and easy to navitage.

Natalie Laughlin Online — This is one of the best official model’s sites on the Web, chronicling the career of one of the industry’s most memorable supermodels. It is more personal than most sites, has good-quality scans, and provides a wealth of information on various topics. The site is also very user-friendly and attractively designed.

Chloe Marshall — The official Web site of a British plus-size model who, as Miss Surrey, was the first full-figured contestant to participate in the Miss England competition, and was awarded first runner up.

Image Galleries — Anabelle Ursulet · Andrea Horblitt · Anna Loukachenets · Crystal Renn · Hayley B. · Hayley Hasselhoff · Jennifer Larkin · Justine Legault · Kailee O’Sullivan · Karen Vermeiren · Kate Dillon · Katherine Roll · Kati Kochanski · Kelly S. · Kelsey Olson · Lara Johnson · Lillian Russell · Lindsey Garbelman · Lorna Roberts · Marritt Pike · Mayara Russi · Megan Garcia · Melissa Masi · Mia Tyler · Nadia Peña · Rhiannon · Sara Morrison · Sophie Dahl · Sophie Sheppard · Yanderis Lodos

“Theme” Galleries & Pages — Styling Gallery · Video Gallery · 2001–2003 Forum Archive

North American Agencies:

Wilhelmina Curve Division N.Y. — With the addition of the world’s most beautiful and popular plus-size model, Sophie Sheppard (38d-41-51, U.S. size 16/18), to its board, Wilhelmina NY now takes the edge in having the top full-figured division in the industry. Wilhelmina also represents the lovely Valerie Lefkowitz (5'8, size 16).

Wilhelmina Curve Division L.A. — Wilhelmina’s West Coast division lacks many of its New York stars but, to its credit, is the American agency for Hayley Hasselhoff, who, at 5'7, is helping the industry to embrace models with more natural, non-Amazonian heights.

Wilhelmina Curve Division Miami — Wilhelmina’s Miami division similarly lacks many of its New York stars but does represent the very pretty Valerie Lefkowitz.

Ford+ Los Angeles — The recent closing of Ford’s long-running New York plus-size division was an unexpected event in the world of full-figured modelling. However Ford still fields two very strong boards featuring curvy models. Ford+ in L.A. represents stunning Sophie Sheppard, as well as Marritt Pike.

Ford+ Miami — This Ford plus-size division also represents the gorgeous Sophie Sheppard.

Heffner Management — Heffner is the mother agency of Barbara Brickner, and represents many of the industry’s most gorgeous and popular models, including the breathtaking Kelsey Olson, Justine Legault, Yanderis Lodos, and Ottavia Lepera.

Dorothy Combs Models — Dorothy Combs Models has one of the strongest boards in the industry, representing several genuinely full-figured models. Kelsey Olson is the agency’s most exciting talent by far—and one of the most gorgeous models of all time. DCM also notably represents Yanderis Lodos.

Muse Model Management — Second in rank among New York agencies, Muse Models represents two of the industry's most gorgeous talents: Kailee O’Sullivan and Justine Legault.

Jag Models New — Taking over from where Ford Models left off, Jag Models is the newest competitor in the New York plus-size-model scene. Easily the board’s standout star is the lovely size-14/16 Georgina Burke.

MSA Models — An up-and-coming agency that features a number of appealing talents, including Summer Nicole and Maxey Day Greene.

B&M Models — Thanks to the presence of the incomparable Christina Schmidt on its books, this Toronto-based agency boasts one of the strongest plus-size boards in Canada. The agency also represents Kristina Yeo.

The Campbell Agency — A noted Texas featuring a variety of talent, including Barbara Brickner.

Brand — The plus-size board at Brand Model and Talent is quite diverse, with many looks represented. Renee stands out as a lovely model with impressive measurements (49-44-49 at 5'9), as does Summer Nicole.

Agence Scoop — A Canadian agency notable for representing the lovely Justine Legault.

Overseas Agencies (a selection):

Bella Model Management — Needless to say, Sophie Sheppard stands out as the shining star of the Bella Models agency, and her presence on the board confirms Bella as the top source for plus-size models outside the U.S. Other notable talents signed with Bella include Hayley Hasselhoff and Georgina Burke.

BGM Models — Benefitting from a recently revamped Web site, this Australian agency has succeeded in having its girls booked for major fashion publications in Australia and in placing them with top agencies worldwide. Samantha Morris stands out as having an authentically curvy figure.

Milk Management — A relatively new agency, Milk Management has assembled the finest board in Europe, representing Sophie Sheppard, who is unquestionably the world’s most gorgeous plus-size model, as well as lovely Justine Legault.

Hughes Models — For a British agency, Hughes shows a better-than-average variety in the sizes of its models. The most notable girl on the current board is Hayley Hasselhoff, but numerous agency other talents deserve a look.

12 plus UK — This British plus-size model agency includes girls from both sides of the Atlantic but suffers from a distinct lack of fuller-figured girls. Elle stands out as marginally more interesting than the rest.

Excel Models (Models 1) — Now a branch of the Models 1 agency, Excel continues to lack genuinely full-figured plus-size models, especially compared to other British agencies. We hope that the size range of the Excel board increases in the future.

Okay Models — With the addition of the gorgeous Sophie Sheppard to its books, Okay Models immediately distinguishes itself as having the most significant talent roster of any plus-size modelling agency in Germany.

Curve Models New — Self-described as a “young model agency,” Curve Models represents the angelic Kelsey Olson, as well as Yanderis Lodos.

Clear Models — By signing size-16/18 goddess Kelsey Olson, Clear Models in Munich can boast of having one of the finest plus-size boards in Germany.

Brigitte Models — Brigitte Models has an impressive plus-size board, representing Barbara Brickner and a host of other full-figured models.

Modelbookers — Joke Roof’s board is distinguished for representing the stunning Karen Vermeiren, as well as Tess Henstra.

East-West Models — Like most German boards, East-West Models could benefit from representing a greater number of fuller-figured models. The agency’s lone notable talent is the curvy Tess Henstra.

MOS Big Beauty — Although this agency represents many “real woman” commercial types, the quality of its talent has been steadily improving. They have a promising newcomer in the luscious Franca Walther, a size-16 beauty with a gentle look and a soft figure.

Ego’s Models — A Dutch agency whose sole notable talent is the shapely Tess Henstra.

Euromodel — A Dutch agency in need of a standout, fuller-figured starlet, though the board is well worth a look.

Dominique Models — While most of the models represented by this Belgian agency are merely faux-plus, its talent roster does include the gorgeous Justine Legault, as well as Tess Henstra.

Network Models — This Belgian agency boasts a respectable plus-size board, the star of which is definitely the gorgeous Karen Vermeiren.

Modellink New — A Swedish agency with a populous plus-size board, made notable by the presence of the lovely Justine Legault.

Judgment of Paris Profiles and Interviews:

Templum Veneris (Model) — Conducted in London immediately following the Curves in Couture runway show, this interview with full-figured goddess Sophie Sheppard (the most gorgeous plus-size model in the industry today) finds the elegant Australian angel discussing her love of food and fashion and recounting her unique history—unique among true plus-size models—as the mythic archetype of the blonde Popular Girl. The interview concludes with a night on the town that initially promises to be heaven on earth but ultimately morphs into an unimaginable hell.

A Dream of Beauty (Model) — Disneyland provides the setting for the author's in-person interview with Kelsey Olson, the fairest of all plus-size models. In this three-part profile, Miss Olson reveals many candid details about her personality and her modelling career, and shares many fascinating insights about beauty, food, body image, art, heritage, and culture. A fairy-tale princess come to life, Kelsey is brilliant, lively, kind, sincere, and incomparably beautiful.

Art and Modelling in New York City (Model) — Based on an in-person interview that was conducted at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, this profile of Kailee O’Sullivan covers her modelling career, her personality, and even records her fascinating reactions to the museum’s greatest artworks celebrating full-figured feminine beauty.

Top Model (Reality-Show Winner & Model) — Whitney Thompson, the first-ever plus-size winner of America’s Next Top Model, reveals her wit and intelligence in this candid interview. Besides discussing critical issues relating to media and body image, Whitney provides a wealth of surprising behind-the-scenes information about the popular show.

MODE Matters (Fashion & Style Director) — In this interview commemorating the tenth anniversary of the inception of MODE, Fashion & Style Director Michele Weston (one of the magazine’s co-founders) discusses MODE’s origins, the elements that made it a masterpiece, and offers a frank assessment of the state of the industry today. The interview is illustrated with 31 scans of the magazine’s most memorable pages, including numerous images featuring Shannon Marie and Barbara Brickner.

Full-Figured Fashion Mogul (Event Producer) — Despite daunting challenges, including industry skepticism and guarded initial support, Gwen DeVoe turned dream into reality by creating Full-Figured Fashion Week, an unprecedented celebration of fashion for curvier women. We spoke with Ms. DeVoe about the genesis of the event, the pro-curvy philosophy behind it, and discovered the fascinating biography of its enterprising and visionary creator.

“Glamorous Curves” (Photographer) — A world-renowned photographer who has shot for publications such as Sports Illustrated, Wahb Mabkhout shares his motivation for devoting his extraordinary talent to showcasing plus-size beauty, most notably in an unprecedented art-gallery exhibit of his portraits of some of the world’s most gorgeous plus-size models, including Kelsey Olson.

“Everything Looks Great on Her” (Boutique Owner) — In this interview, Lucie Sholl, the owner of LucieLu, offers her thoughts on full-figure fashion, on what it takes to operate a plus-size clothing boutique, and on the exciting experience of having the industry’s most gorgeous current plus-size model, Kelsey Olson, showcasing her inaugural collection.

“Maharaja’s Mistress” (Designer) — A finalist in Project Runway Canada, Jessica Biffi recently designed a new collection for MXM and enlisted the services of Kailee O’Sullivan to model it. She discusses body image and plus-size fashion with us, offers insights into the creative process, and enthuses about having Kailee modelling her bold Biffi line.

Goddess of Tomorrow (Model & Actress) — This article about seventeen-year-old Canadian actress Christina Schmidt is based on an October 13, 2004 in-person interview, and features audio and video clips, as well as many new images of this gorgeous young starlet. Christina offers insights about her hit television series Degrassi: The Next Generation, discusses her approach to acting, and reveals a great deal about her own personality.

“The Power of Your Own Body” (Model) — In this, her first-ever Web interview, legendary plus-size supermodel Barbara Brickner reveals her true feelings about her career, about motherhood, about being a living icon of true feminine beauty, and about the cultural impact of plus-size modeling.

“Fiercely Curvy” (Model) — Caralyn Mirand was picked from tens of thousands of girls to be one of the finalists in Tyra Banks’'s “Fiercely Real” plus-size-teen modelling competition. Although she placed as the first runner up, many viewers considered her the deserved winner of the contest. In this interview, Caralyn discusses the experience of being on the Tyra show and expounds on body-image issues affecting her generation.

Dangerous Tracie Stern (Model) — In this article, the author describes his impressions of meeting plus-size supermodel Tracie Stern face-to-face, and records many of her intriguing statements about modelling, mortality, and much, much more.

“A Classic Look with a Little Bit of Edge” (Agent) — Be sure to read this interview in which Mia Stringfield, the head booker of the plus division of Miami’s Irene Marie agency, discusses her board and the girls who comprise it, as well as general industry matters such as the relationship between clients, agents, and bookers. Her statements are very forthright and often truly astonishing.

“Throw Me a Curve” (Director) — This is a transcript of our interview with independent filmmaker Constantine Valhouli regarding Curve, his feature-length documentary about the plus-size modelling profession. Mr. Valhouli is astonishingly candid, and provides an invaluable observer’s perspective on the industry.

“We Have Lost So Much Elegance” (Stylist) — Anyone who is interested in plus-size fashion might enjoy reading this interview, in which Samantha Weston, a professional stylist for plus-size models, shares her thoughts about fashion, style, the loss of elegance in our culture, what men really think about plus-size models, and the forbidden allure of the fuller female figure.

“Our Customers Were Guiding Us” (Marketing Manager) — This interview with Wendy Sculnick, the marketing manager of Addition-Elle (Canada’s best-known plus-size fashion retailer), reveals the aesthetic and philosophical basis of the company’s acclaimed promotional campaigns. It also indicates the power that a marketing team exercises in bringing timeless feminine beauty to life—first by assembling a creative team, and then by presenting the fruits of their labours to the general public.

“The Voluptuous Experience” (Retailer) — “Voluptuous” is the name of a new Canadian plus-size clothing retailer which targets a youthful customer base with singularly body-conscious, curve-accentuating fashions. Learn more about owner Angela Samuels’s motivations and upcoming plans in this brief discussion with the former plus-size model.

“The New Shape of Fashion” (Publisher/Editor) — This interview with the original editor and co-publisher of Charming Shoppes’ custom publication, Figure, is an eye-opening look at the real world of fashion and publishing.

“More Beautiful” (Publisher) Beautiful was a valiant attempt by a Canadian publisher to launch a periodical aimed at full-figured women. This interview with Jack Krosinski (the vice-president of the magazine’s intended publishing company) gives readers a fascinating insight into the ideal makeup of a plus-size publication.

Other Profiles and Interviews:

Shannon Marie — This uncredited profile from is utterly fascinating, especially since much of it is related in the first person. It is truly painful to read about the punishment that this divinely gorgeous model once inflicted on herself with a senseless regimen of exercise and dieting. But it comes as a tremendous relief to learn how she came to love her body’s naturally beautiful shape, and of the positive impact that this self-acceptance has had on her life. Note: Because the Shannon Marie profile disappeared from during their latest Web renovation, it has been reproduced on this site, unaltered, for posterity.

Christina Schmidt — In this exceptionally well-conducted interview by Torrid—featuring some of the finest images we have ever seen of this gorgeous young starlet—Christina offers a heady dose of the self-confidence that has made her so popular, and shares some wise words about the importance of living life for the moment, and about not letting one’s inhibitions hold one back. The interview also offers a fascinating look at Christina’s attitude towards fashion and fame.

Charlotte Coyle — Charlotte’s very moving story, titled “Why I’m Proud to be Big and Beautiful,” will bring you to tears when you read about how this living goddess used to torture herself needlessly over her body’s natural shape. But you will also rejoice when you learn that Charlotte, the most exciting model in the industry today, has finally learned to love her gorgeous figure, and that she is determined to help others feel better about themselves as well.

Kelsey Olson — This brief Torrid profile of the breathtakingly beautiful Miss Olson reveals that she has an easygoing personality, and a real joie de vivre.

Justine Legaut — Here, Canada’s LouLou fashion magazine introduces readers to the gorgeous Justine Legault, a size-14 goddess based in Montreal who is one of the most beautiful models the industry has ever known. Fans will enjoy reading about her love of food, travel, and nature.

Valerie Lefkowitz — Valerie Lefkowitz not only deserves attention as an astoundingly beautiful young plus-size model, but also for using her celebrity status in an honourable way—i.e., promoting positive body image among young women, and helping them to overcome eating disorders.

Jesse West — This interview provides a brief introduction to a gorgeous young Canadian plus-size model who is signed with the Giovanni Agency in Montreal.

Music, Cinema, and Television:

Chloë Agnew — This young full-figured Irish singer is easily one of the most gorgeous women in the world, and a timeless beauty of the first order. Regrettably, her fan site contains few images that indicate just how extraordinarily lovely she is, but hopefully, this will change in the near future. Chloë has frequently appeared on PBS, fronting a musical group named “Celtic Woman,” and these television performances are available on two DVDs. She has also released a solo DVD, which, although only available from overseas retailers like, is a code-free disc that will play in all regions, and will function perfectly well on North American DVD players. Chloë is a stunning embodiment of Classical feminine beauty, and an incredibly talented singer and performer. Hopefully no industry cretins will ever dupe her into diminishing her ravishing, full-figured appearance, and she will remain an inspiration to all curvaceous girls.

A Cinderella Story“It was the kind of place where ‘diet’ was a four-letter word,” says Hilary Duff’s character about her workplace in this surprisingly size-positive movie. Typically, Miss Duff has starved herself into unsightly emaciation after making this movie, but at least the film remains from her saner days. It features a male lead in the “Prince Charming” role who openly says that he is looking for “the kind of girl who has more on her mind than how much weight she wants to lose,” and unapologetically states, “I like a girl with a hearty appetite.” (And best of all, the Prince courts his Princess by quoting lines from Tennyson’s great narrative poem, Maud.)

Real Women Have Curves — This extraordinary film delivers a resoundingly size-positive message, and in doing so points the way forward to the cinema of the future. But sure not to skip over the audio commentaries in the DVD version of the movie, which certainly enhance one’s appreciation of the film’s subversive appeal.

Crosstalk — This is a transcript of a funny and positive Saturday Night Live sketch in which a plus-size model named Jennifer Lewis is interviewed on a Nightline-style news program. The various proponents of the emaciated look are presented as quite ridiculous (the anchorman in particular comes off as an absolute cretin) while the model’s credibility is never undermined.

Video Games and Graphics:

Nancy Drew: Danger by Design — As reviewed here, this recently-released video game delivers an unambiguous message of size celebration. It finds the player, as Nancy Drew, interning with a Parisian plus-size fashion designer, cohabiting with a gorgeous plus-size model with a fondness for baking (and eating) chocolate-chip cookies, and travelling around Paris, all while unravelling the game’s core mystery, which involves a love affair from World War II, and even includes an episode in the eerie Montparnasse Catacombs. The game offers a wholesome and fun entertainment experience for young girls—and a size-positive one at that.

Andrea the Plus Model — This witty and poignant comic strip by Barbara Slate will appeal to anyone, but especially to any plus-size goddesses who had mothers…

“Form Fitting” — “Editorial cartoons” like this one appeared in several of the early issues of MODE. They remind us that MODE was not a slavish worshipper of the straight-size fashion world, which tried to be just like the other magazines, only with bigger models, but rather, that it had a truly revolutionary quality. MODE didn’t just say, “You can be a part of the fashion world, too.” MODE suggested that there was something very, very wrong with the mainstream fashion world. MODE took the elements that make mainstream fashion magazines so seductive (beautiful images, pricey clothing), but use them for a positive end.

Dating a “Supermodel” — A contributor to our forum posted this very witty comic strip, which is clever enough (and cheeky enough) to merit preserving.

Evolution der Frauen — This Body Shop ad is a powerful expression of the ethos of the size-celebration movement and an aesthetic revaluation of the mainstream media’s loaded iconography of “health,” according to which underweight women are artificially glamourized, while full-figured women are never presented in a natural, healthy manner. The title of the image means “Evolution of Women”—an obvious play on similar graphics which depict “The Evolution of Man.”


Figure — Charming Shoppes’s bimonthly publication commendably features true plus-size models (size 14 and up), and has fortunately ceased its deplorable practice of including advertisements from diet companies.

Big Is Beautiful Magazine — Recently reviewed for the Judgment of Paris Forum, Big Is Beautiful is a quarterly magazine published in the Netherlands. It displays high production values in terms of photography and paper stock, giving it a much-needed professional legitimacy. However, it suffers from glaring inconsistencies in the quality of its plus-size-model choices; and owing to the pervasive dowdiness of plus-size clothing in Europe, the fashions that the magazine promotes are seldom noteworthy. Subscriptions are available through

Spin Sisters — Written by a consummate media insider (the editor-in-chief of Ladies’ Home Journal for twenty years), this damning exposé of the magazine industry—and of the American media in general—reveals how editors, journalists, TV executives, producers, and publicists deliberately bombard women with a steady stream of undermining messages. The book is funny, gossipy, and surprising, but it is also a powerful indictment of today’s media culture, and of the individuals who dominate it. Pay especially close attention to the book’s best chapter, “The Female Fear Factor,” which reveals how the media continually fabricates health-scare hoaxes (of which today’s illusory “weight epidemic” is merely the latest example).

The Diet Myth — Although the author maks some political assertions that are questionable and distracting, this book does a brilliant job of exposing the weight-related hysteria that has gripped government and media today. It is particularly effective at showing just how pernicious the diet industry really is, and how their hateful propaganda ruins people’s lives.

An Epidemic of…Myths — Published by the Centre for Consumer Freedom (see link below), this book marshals irrefutable evidence to demonstrate that the so-called “weight epidemic” is nothing but a colossal hoax—and in particular, that the promotion of this hoax is exclusively due to propaganda by weight-loss profiteers, based on corrupt research that was bought and paid for by the weight-control industry.


(Although this craft falls outside our own realm of expertise, we feel compelled to take this opportunity to acknowledge certain individuals who have demonstrated particular aptitude at shooting full-figured models.)

Michel Arnaud — What do Barbara Brickner’s immortal swimwear edtiorials and turn-of-the-millennium cover, Natalie Laughlin’s shoe-adjusting blue-dress cover, and dozens of other masterpieces which appeared in the early issues of MODE have in common? They were all shot by Michel Arnaud, a legendary French photographer. In fact, it is fair to say that the “MODE look” was defined by M. Arnaud, whose work arguably remains unsurpassed as the ideal living presentation of full-figured feminine beauty. Anyone who intends to create a publication featuring plus-size models is strongly encouraged to reference this master’s work first and foremost.

Bruno Gaget — After Michel Arnaud, the photographer who created the greatest numer of unforgettable MODE images was probably Bruno Gaget. Mr. Gaget was also responsible for the images of timeless beauty that Grace magazine produced during its brief run. Regrettably, none of Mr. Gaget’s MODE work appears on his Web site.

Carlo Dalla Chiesa — Another great MODE alumnus, Mr. Dalla Chiesa thankfully features at least a few examples of his MODE work on his Web site, although many of his layouts for the magazine were actually considerably more memorable than the covers shown here. Mr. Dalla Chiesa was particularly renowned for his striking use of colour.

Max Abadian — In a comment which she recently posted on the Judgment of Paris forum, Barbara Brickner stated that Max Abadian “was at the forefront of shooting Plus with dignity and sexiness all at the same time” and “probably in the top three most talented photographers I have ever worked with.” Such a ringing endorsement will certainly be understandable to anyone who saw Mrs. Brickner’s incredible lingerie work for Addition-Elle, which was shot by Mr. Abadian. This photographer also created daring and unforgettable AE campaigns featuring Natalie Laughlin, Yanderis, and Jordan, shot Mia Tyler for MXM and for Flare magazine…and the list goes on. He is a true master in this field.

Attilio Capra — Just as Michel Arnaud was the “eyes of MODE” during its heyday, so has Italian photographer Attilio Capra been the eyes of Elena Mirò. This is the great master who shot Barbara Brickner’s unforgettable 2001 calendar, along with the company’s many other revolutionary campaigns. We have not yet located a Web domain devoted to this artisan’s work, so if anyone discovers such a site, please inform us. It would be a pleasure to provide a link.

Roberto Ligresti — Although Mr. Ligresti shot for MODE and for Grace, it is his masterful work for Figure magazine (including covers featuring Valerie Lefkowitz and Megan Garcia, which equal the very best covers that MODE ever produced) that most vividly affirms his place as one of the industry’s greatest photographers of plus-size beauty.

Chris Borgman — Mr. Borgman’s work is distinguished by its daring sensuality, remarkable use of light, an appealing colour palette, and exciting styling. He has recently distinguished himself with many memorable plus-size model test images.

Fadil Berisha — Although this aspect of his work is not represented on his Web site, Mr. Berisha has been prolifically shooting full-figured models for years, and has deservedly earned a reputation as one of the industry’s best photographers with whom plus-size girls can and should test. His photographic career is extraordinarily distinguished, as is the calibre of his work.

Michael Anthony Hermogeno — Mr. Hermogeno is the product photographer of, and recently caused something of a sensation with his exciting images of Christina Schmidt, many of which can be viewed here. These images were widely praised for being both a remarkable display of Miss Schmidt’s unparalleled modelling prowess, and genuinely size-positive. Mr. Hermogeno has also recently photographed the lovely Kelsey Olson in an acclaimed prom series, also for Torrid.

Stanley Debas — By his own account, Mr. Debas views plus-size models as “goddesses,” and his test images with many of the industry’s most notable rising stars (including Kelsey Olson) testify to this appreciation. Characterized by dramatic lighting, gorgeous styling, and unabashed sensuality, his work shows just how beautiful full-figured femininity can be.

Combating Weight Hysteria:

“Do Media Images Trigger Eating Disorders?” — The results of this year-long study headed by an associate professor of psychology at Trinity College prove, once and for all, that images of underweight models do have a ruinous effect on women’s body image, while images of plus-size models can undo this damage, and have a positive effect.

Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness — There are many wonderful organizations devoted to raising public awareness about eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia. This is one of our favourites, since it has worked in conjunction with celebrated plus-size models such as Valerie Lefkowitz and Natalie Laughlin to present a healthier notion of body image. This site is a good starting point for anyone who wishes to learn more about these serious and potentially life-threatening ailments.

The Center for Consumer Freedom — The epidemic of weight hysteria that has targeted North America is truly frightening, and we support any organizations that oppose this surge in size bigotry. The CCF underscores the fact that current anti-plus propaganda campaigns comprises a fundamental assault on our basic civil liberties, and that, in addition to the traditionally thin-supremacist mass media, this wave of curve-o-phobia is being engineered by drug companies and other branches of the weight-control industry that are seeking to protect and augment their profit margins, heedless of how much human misery they inflict. Note in particular the CCF’s damning exposé of the faulty and profit-oriented “research” that supposedly justifies the size prejudice of the weight-loss zealots.

What are you modelling yourself on? — Despite its ungrammatical title, this brief PSA is well worth viewing, as it effectively underscores how the modern fashion industry’s standard of appearance for runway models represents an alien aesthetic that is incompatible with the timeless ideal of feminine beauty that has dominated Western culture throughout its history.


Politically-Incorrect Beauty Tips — Female visitors to The Judgment of Paris should certainly visit this Web page, which is excerpted from a tribute to minus-size models. Although the author is predictably off base about ideal feminine proportions, his other observations about beauty are invaluable—especially his separation of fact from fiction regarding hair length, and the financial rather than aesthetic reasons which motivate the fashion world’s veneration of painfully unattractive, boyish hairstyles.

The Art Renewal Centre — Although it may seem less like a “related link” than others that are listed here, this online art museum is devoted to the same Aesthetic Restoration that is the underlying motivation for the existence of this Web site. Three principles from its “mission statement” should illustrate the basic similarity of purpose that it shares with The Judgment of Paris: (a) To provide responsible views opposing those of the current art establishment when warranted, especially as expressed in critiques of current art exhibitions, and in aesthetic philosophy. (b) To disseminate the rich artistic heritage of 2500 years of accumulated knowledge in creating traditional, realistic images touching upon universal and timeless themes. (c) To repudiate the idea that development in art requires destruction of boundaries and standards, pointless emphasis on “newness,” or pursuit of the bizarre and ugly as ends in themselves, and to expose as artistic fraud those works conceived only to elicit outrage.

Loss and Recovery — This illustrated online essay describes, in a most passionate and compelling manner, how many of the world’s architectural treasures have been rebuilt, true to their original designs, after political or economic led to their destruction. The parallel to the theme of this Web site is obvious, inasmuch as timeless feminine beauty was all but obliterated in Western culture over the course of the 20th century, and is only now being recovered through the growing cultural influence of plus-size modelling. NOTE: Although the Web page currently lacks illustrations, this archive of the page preserves some of the images.

Timeless Beauty

The Judgment of Paris Survey


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